Directly to the west gate of the Asahiyama Zoo!
One-minute walk to the seal house,polar bear house,giraffe house,and hippopotamas house.

Asahiyama Zoo the West gate Pay parking lot

Information Asahiyama Zoo the West gate Pay parking lot
The main spot is within a minute walk from the west gate entrance of the Asahiyama Zoo!
The main spot is conveniently located within viewing distance from the west gate entrance of the Asahiyama Zoo.
With the parking lot directly connected to the west gate, one can walk within one minute to the popular bear house,seal house,penguin house,giraffe house,and hippopotamus house.

Parking fee
500yen at a time
※Please pay the parking fee beforehand
(One thousand yen for a micro-bus.
One cannot reenter the parking lot for free if one leaves)

Information on business hours
Summer time:   8:45~17:30
Winter time:    10:30~15:30
※Hours open for night time period 9:00~21:00
※Hours open in the zoo are from 9:30~17:15 (reception is until 16:00)
Note: Hours open during the winter period10:30~15:30 (reception is until 15:00 )

If entering the zoo through the west gate, one can effectively look around many places.

Because this parking lot to within the zoo is barrier-free, those elders with weak hips and legs, baby strollers, and wheel chaired persons can enter the zoo smoothly without any problems.In the summer time, the light is very strong so the interior of the car becomes very hot.
Our parking lot is within some woods, therefore if one parks their car within the shadow then one can comfortably enjoy the inside of their car when going home.

The way to access to our parking lot is guided.

Asahiyama Zoo the West gate Pay parking lot
〒078-8205  Higashiasahikawachokuranuma, Asahikawa-shi.

Because there are many trees and plants within the grounds,
it is possible to encounter Hokkaido squirrels, other wild animals as well as birds native to Hokkaido.
Every year there are migrating birds that come to two big ponds which provide for resting space in the great outdoors.
One can venture the enjoyable zoo starting from the convenient west gate entrance.